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Colored Pencil Sketch by TheL3tterM Colored Pencil Sketch :iconthel3tterm:TheL3tterM 2 0 Another Colored Pencil Sketch by TheL3tterM Another Colored Pencil Sketch :iconthel3tterm:TheL3tterM 1 0 Rouge Colored Pencil Test by TheL3tterM Rouge Colored Pencil Test :iconthel3tterm:TheL3tterM 1 0 [CLOSED] 3A#10 by TheL3tterM [CLOSED] 3A#10 :iconthel3tterm:TheL3tterM 12 6 [OPEN][OTA] 3A#9 by TheL3tterM [OPEN][OTA] 3A#9 :iconthel3tterm:TheL3tterM 26 12 another adopt concept by TheL3tterM another adopt concept :iconthel3tterm:TheL3tterM 3 4 Puns [Excerpt from the book I'm working on] by TheL3tterM Puns [Excerpt from the book I'm working on] :iconthel3tterm:TheL3tterM 4 0 Its Rouge Again by TheL3tterM Its Rouge Again :iconthel3tterm:TheL3tterM 4 0 [Closed] 3A#8 by TheL3tterM [Closed] 3A#8 :iconthel3tterm:TheL3tterM 18 5 bold of you to assume by TheL3tterM bold of you to assume :iconthel3tterm:TheL3tterM 5 9 the gay uncle everyone talks about by TheL3tterM the gay uncle everyone talks about :iconthel3tterm:TheL3tterM 3 5 psa by TheL3tterM psa :iconthel3tterm:TheL3tterM 2 2 adopt preview by TheL3tterM adopt preview :iconthel3tterm:TheL3tterM 10 9 BAD VOICE by TheL3tterM BAD VOICE :iconthel3tterm:TheL3tterM 3 0 [CLOSED] 3A#7 by TheL3tterM [CLOSED] 3A#7 :iconthel3tterm:TheL3tterM 17 15 [CLOSED] 3A#6 by TheL3tterM [CLOSED] 3A#6 :iconthel3tterm:TheL3tterM 27 12

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Mommy left us. 
She threatened to leave twice a day, five days a week. She disappeared during the weekends and came back Monday morning to start the complaints cycle all over again. So, her departure was no surprise. She simply failed to return one day.
It was an uneventful morning, three weeks away from the start of a school year and two days away from my thirteenth birthday. It was hot, the kind of heat that had our clothes stick to our bodies, and no amount of ice cream was enough for the five of us: myself, my dad, and three other siblings. The heat sucked, but the lack of our mom made no difference. 
Well, no, the only difference was that my dad made us breakfast that morning and around noon, a police cruiser stopped by our house, and later on, they declared her missing.  
It'd been eighteen years since that day. We never missed her. Our lives went on. Dad provided for us. He was a kind man who never harmed a soul. 
I found mom's remains in a hole in our b
:iconmythiril:Mythiril 51 42
Insane YCH  OPEN by XxC-AdoptsxX Insane YCH OPEN :iconxxc-adoptsxx:XxC-AdoptsxX 83 111 judgement Ych open by Misash judgement Ych open :iconmisash:Misash 8 0 Corrin by AnaLuizaCG Corrin :iconanaluizacg:AnaLuizaCG 238 5 Contest by Krisantyl Contest :iconkrisantyl:Krisantyl 186 61 Manga boys adopts/auction/open by freaky-shop Manga boys adopts/auction/open :iconfreaky-shop:freaky-shop 42 10 |Flare| by Spiritmydog |Flare| :iconspiritmydog:Spiritmydog 41 12 what do ghosts do by piyobread what do ghosts do :iconpiyobread:piyobread 50 11 Patreon Fanart #21 Todoroki Shouto by DizzyAlyx Patreon Fanart #21 Todoroki Shouto :icondizzyalyx:DizzyAlyx 315 3 Confrontation by DamaiMikaz Confrontation :icondamaimikaz:DamaiMikaz 1,302 155 Caecus by CelilaTheWitch Caecus :iconcelilathewitch:CelilaTheWitch 6 6
Comission journal [OPEN]
Ok, I'm finally ready to open these up! uwu
Waist/bust up banners:

200:points: or $2.50 USD
+50:points: or $0.50 for border and background
Single chara only

400:points: or $5.00 USD
Single chara only
Bouncy chibi:

300:points: or $3.75 USD
Bouncy chibi couple:
CM: Suiicune by itsu-datteGo Johnny go! by itsu-datte
500:points: or $6.25 USD
Won't do:
-Real people/celebrities
-Work without references 
Will do:
+Androids/robotic parts
+Tasteful nudity
Order form:
Character ref-
Type of comission-
Point or USD-
Extra info-
:iconitsu-datte:itsu-datte 4 0
Comm: TheL3tterM by Abissh Comm: TheL3tterM :iconabissh:Abissh 12 2
Skinny Love
She loved him, even though she knew his lies back and forth. The cryptic messages his body language sent, the look in his eyes, the creative stories he fabricated and announced were no secret to her. She deciphered them and laughed at his childish attempts to provoke her jealousy. He was the hero of the play and she willingly became a part of the act, relishing on the excitement he brought whenever he begged for her rage and rebellion.  
Yesterday he slipped that his coworker was gunning for him, that this lady whom he had known for less than a day wanted his heart. The day before it, he claimed the neighbor, who had left the street over a decade ago, was sending him postcards and memories of an old affair they shared and wanted to reignite. A week earlier, a high-school sweetheart plead for his phone number and Facebook account. 
But no, her reaction to all of this flaunting and taunting was a calm chuckle. She tread lightly behind him in his game, dodged and side stepp
:iconmythiril:Mythiril 52 28


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United States
Hey guys, you can call me M.
I'm a 22 year old robotics student, writer, and artist.
Check out my commission info
Adopt and custom info
Hey everyone! I'm looking to get in some practice! Specifically, I'm looking to work on poses, expressions, and drawing fullbodies.

So, I'd like to sketch your characters! Shoot me anything you've got. (Except NSFW please.) 

$1 via paypal or 100 points will get you a sketch of your character in any pose and expression you'd like. (I can also do head shots, if that's what you'd prefer.)
For an extra 50c or 50 pts I'll draw more face/bust expressions of your choice. 

Share this journal, and I'll give you a free expression doodle with your fullbody!

To order, fill out this form in the comments or via a note!
I'll start work after I receive payment. If paying via cash, I'll send you a note with a link to my paypal.

Character name: 
Personality (it helps me with drawing expressions and poses):
Any other notes:
Journal link, if you chose to do that:
Extra expression shots, if any:

How you're paying:

This character belongs to:
Leo the Bard Reference by TheL3tterM
your finished sketches will look like this:
Leo Sketches by TheL3tterM

expression references, (fullbody will not be colored):
Its Rouge Again by TheL3tterM

other examples of my sketches:
Doods by TheL3tterM
VB sketches by TheL3tterM

To Do List:


Rouge Colored Pencil Test
So I've started putting in effort in earnest to improve my art. Tonight I started playing around with colored pencils and made a few sketches for fun. This one was obligatory. It's just that asshole again.
Ugh, I'm so close to being done with my novel. It's just a pain to get myself to sit down and finish here at the final stretch. 8/ 
I'm excited for what comes after though, and I'm going to need to find as many beta readers and editors as humanly possible to get this thing into shape. 

then come the big plans.... 
[OPEN][OTA] 3A#9
"Welcome to the Anomalous Adoption Agency! (3A) We help find homes for unusual and potentially dangerous entities."

[For general info regarding 3A, customs, and rules, click here!]

This anomaly seems to be a fragmented serpent!


-We aren't actually sure how it lives. We have never seen it consume anything before.
-That being said, it is quite unpredictably violent. We've tried to determine a pattern of behavior or what triggers the outbursts, but no luck yet.
-We have reason to believe it can understand human speech, but only Spanish.
-It has a habit of stealing and hoarding soft things, presumably for nesting
-It likes small, dark spaces
-Seems to communicate with unusual echoey warbles. No luck deciphering them yet.

What to Offer, in order of preference:
-Money (via paypal)
(I am not interested in characters at this time.)




-Please only offer points and paypal if you can pay at the end of the offering period
-Credit me when the design is used
-You may use and edit the design and information however you'd like
-Trade and resale is fine
-if you plan to use the design commercially, please contact me first
-I will send you the unwatermarked .png file after payment confirmation is received [for points and paypal]


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